Will You Accept NCEF’s One Hour Challenge?

You Can Make a Difference – One Hour at a Time!

Financial advisors are naturally attuned to helping others. NAPFA members can bring their expertise to those who otherwise would not have access to financial advice. Your guidance can be life changing.

Imagine if each NAPFA member volunteered one hour each year providing pro-bono financial services to those in need.  NAPFA advisors would make a meaningful impact on their local communities:

You Beat Our 3,000 Hour 2018/2019 Goal! Over 3,173 Pro Bono Hours  Were Reported!

Congratulations all NAPFA members who participated in the NCEF One Hour Challenge!

NCEF energized the NAPFA membership at the 2018 NAPFA Fall Conference challenging members to give pro bono time in their communities by launching the One Hour Challenge and setting a goal of 3,000 aggregate pro bono hours or one hour per member. Here are some results to be proud of:


What NAPFA Region Won for Greatest Participation?

Record Your Pro-Bono Hours HERE to let us know where you volunteered.




Select any organization or a recipient you choose – whether it’s someone in your community or an organization connected to the NCEF.  Consider giving back to seniors, injured veterans/first responders, students or cancer patients with 1-on-1 pro-bono advising or present to a group.

Thank you to those who have already accepted the One Hour Challenge!  Record Your Pro-Bono Hours HERE to help us achieve our 3,000 hour goal.

We exceeded our 3,000 pro-bono hours by the 2019 NAPFA Fall Conference!

Our New 2019/2020 Goal (ending September 30, 2020) is 6,000 hours! We know you are volunteering–just report your pro-bono hours where you give financial advice to those in need.


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