The NAPFA Consumer Education Foundation offers NAPFA members the following pro-bono opportunities:



Building Homes for Heroes

Through this partnership, NAPFA members provide one-on-one pro-bono financial planning to disabled veterans who recently were gifted a home from Building Homes for Heroes. Many recipients are first-time homeowners and need a financial plan to ensure they can afford to maintain the property and pay the property taxes.

An Impact Story of Veteran and Advisor:

The impact of a veteran and NAPFA advisor pairing is inspiring for both, as we see with Army Sergeant Jorge Sepulveda and NAPFA member, Holly Donaldson, CFP®.

Video: NAPFA member, Holly Donaldson, CFP® advises Army Sergeant Jorge Sepulveda and his wife.

“We veterans need help. It’s so important to get the financial guidance that a financial advisor can provide us. Holly challenged us to improve ourselves, to save money, and to make smart and savvy financial decisions. Building Homes for Heroes and the NAPFA Foundation are life changers.“  Army Sergeant Jorge Sepulveda, Building Homes for Heroes recipient

“My basic ability to coach Mr. Sepulveda through saving, spending and now investing is all they really needed to give them confidence. The fact that I played a little part in that is very satisfying.”  Holly Donaldson, CFP® NAPFA Member


2019 Impact with Building Homes for Heroes

• 59 veterans received pro-bono financial advice
• 54 NAPFA CFP® financial planners volunteered
• 163 total meetings occurred between veteran and advisor
• 150 total hours of pro bono financial advice was received by the veterans
• $33,750 in equivalent service was given estimated at a rate of $225/hour

Watch this brief video of a Chicago-area Veteran receiving a mortgage-free home through Building Homes for Heroes:





We Need Your Help!  Please Volunteer to Advise a Veteran

The Pro bono advisor meets with the veteran monthly or bi-monthly for up to two years either in-person, phone or virtually depending on proximity.

See Veterans who Need a NAPFA Advisor–Click HERE to see their Hero Profiles.

If you are interested now in helping these veterans click the “Sign up to Volunteer” button below. For more information email Rob Harkey, NCEF Program Coordinator at or call (847) 483-5400 ext. 106 with questions.






Those less fortunate mostly need assistance with:

  • Debt management

  • Credit

  • Credit Score

  • Savings

  • Budgeting

The Pro-bono resource page below provides links to webinars, worksheets, intake forms, etc. to aid in your pro-bono advising at Pro Bono Resources (click here).



Unfortunately, 2020 Money Smart Week is Canceled due to COVID-19 but will resume even stronger in April, 2021

  • Empower your community with financial literacy during the month of April

  • Share your financial expertise one-on-one or to small to large groups. Help children, young adults or adults in your community make better-informed personal finance decisions.  

  • Since 2018 the NAPFA Consumer Education Foundation has been a National Partner with Money Smart Week. 

  • All events during the month of April qualify.

  • It’s Simple. Register yourself, Create an Event and Register Your Event. Order Books and Materials.  Reserve your Venue and Promote. Report your Pro-Bono Hours at NCEF’s One Hour Challenge.

Questions: Contact Rob Harkey, NCEF,






NCEF One Hour Challenge–Report Your Pro Bono Efforts

After you’ve provided your pro-bono services, please follow this link to let us know where you volunteered. We achieved our inaugural goal of 3,000 hours and now our 2020 goal is to exceed 6,000 pro-bono hours!






Other Volunteer Opportunities

If you’d like to volunteer your time specifically towards developing NCEF and its resources, learn how you can serve as a NCEF Board Member or Committee Member.

Savvy Ladies

Financial Planning for Cancer Program

Every day, people who are battling cancer make dangerous decisions like skipping a chemotherapy appointment so they can afford to feed their families. They often suffer financial distress that adversely impacts their ability to complete treatment and decreases their chance of survival.

  • 37% cut back on groceries
  • 35% deplete their savings
  • 24% borrow against their retirement savings
  • Cancer patients are 2.65 times more likely to go bankrupt

The Foundation for Financial Planning (FFP), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity solely devoted to supporting the delivery of pro bono financial planning to people in crisis or in need, is focusing on addressing the complex and often overwhelming challenges that come with a serious cancer diagnosis. The Financial Planning for Cancer Program, developed in partnership with the Financial Planning Association (FPA) and non-profit Family Reach provides cancer patients and their caregivers with financial planning and education to help mitigate the financial risks associated with treatment.

We are currently working with NAPFA to recruit volunteers for this program. If you are a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional (CFP®), then you have the opportunity to lend your skills and knowledge to help patients manage their finances so they can focus on getting well. 

Please visit to learn more and sign up today. For questions, please contact Rachel Roth at


If you prefer not to commit to a specific program or for an extended period of time, one-off opportunities may be right for you.

Contact Rob Harkey, NCEF Program Coordinator at or call (847) 483-5400 ext. 106


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