NCEF’s Impact

Leveraging fee-only NAPFA advisors in pro-bono advising has been impactful to many communities.

When you volunteer your services or make a financial contribution to NCEF, you are helping to provide consumers with the tools they need to make sound financial decisions with confidence. Here’s what your peers have to say about supporting NCEF and its programs:

“I know that the NCEF is teaming up with others to help meet this critical life skill need. I don’t have the time or energy right now to tackle this on my own, so a financial gift to NCEF is my way of helping. My goal is to find some time to go with my dollars in the future!”

– David Foster, NAPFA member

“I’ve had the pleasure of participating in Money Smart Week for the last five years in various capacities. From one-on-one pro-bono financial planning, to speaking at community events such as our local community college senior expo, Money Smart Week continues to provide me with an amazing platform to spread financial literacy to those who may not have access to a CFP.”

– Adam Glassberg, NAPFA member

“[Building Homes for Heroes] has been a great way for me to give back to veterans that need our help. Most of them are so young, trying to learn about financial responsibilities as well as cope with their disabilities. They are so appreciative. At the end, all I want to do is help them more. You grow as they grow. I highly suggest that everyone should have this amazing experience at least once.”

– Audrey Jones, NAPFA member

 “I have involved a junior member of my team and he recently shared with me that his work with the [Building Homes for Heroes] veteran has been one of those most meaningful aspects of his past year as a financial planner.”

– Rodney James, NAPFA member


“My work with Building Homes for Heroes is one of the most satisfying aspects of my career.”
– Brian Fricke, NAPFA member



Watch this brief video highlighting the story of NAPFA Member Holly Donaldson and her volunteer experience helping Veteran U.S. Army Sergeant Jorge Sepulveda. As Jorge explains, “The BHH family, the NAPFA organization, they are life changers for us.”


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