Setting up bill pay while deployed

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Military Life

Depending on marital status, it is common for one person in the household to be responsible for paying bills, balancing the checkbook, etc. However, it is always prudent for each spouse to be on the same page and communicate frequently.

If single, it is important to have a plan for bill pay if deployment is a possibility. However, being deployed only complicates the system. A spouse or trusted friend or family member should be given a Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA) to help maintain finances.

The following resources may assist you in setting up bill pay while deployed:

Power of Attorney Basics

Locating Legal Assistance

Additional Source to Locate Legal Assistance

Deployment: Financial Preparation

Financial Tips for Preparing for Deployment

Financial Checklist When Facing Deployment

Military Life Tasks

1. Budgeting finances
2. Reducing debt
3. Finding housing
4. Protecting against risk
5. Managing taxes
6. Saving for education
7. Preparing for retirement
8. Updating your estate plan
9. Explore Your Benefits

Budgeting finances Subtasks

1. Decide how much money to spend on each category of expenditures (Discretionary vs. Fixed items)
2. Create a system to track income and expenditures
3. Setting up bill pay while deployed
4. Establish a rainy day fund

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