Tax withholding from your paycheck

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When you receive your first paycheck, you may be surprised the amount you actually receive in your check (called net pay) is less than your total pay (called gross pay). The subtractions from gross pay are the taxes and other charges that are automatically taken out by your employer and paid to the federal, state and local government.

The following resources may assist you in understanding about tax withholdings from your paycheck:

An explanation of taxes deducted from a paycheck

A typical paycheck stub explained

Tax forms you fill out when starting a job

Withholding calculator

Heading Off To College Tasks

1. Managing your own money
2. Finding a place to live
3. Setting up your own banking account
4. Getting your first job
5. Using credit wisely while in school

Getting your first job Subtasks

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2. The job application and interview
3. Tax withholding from your paycheck
4. Job scams

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