Life’s Financial Journeys

Heading Off to College
Getting Out on Your Own
Blending Two Lives
Having a Child
Emptying the Nest
Entering Retirement
Death of a Life Partner
Military Life

Most landlords are fair and honest. But, unfortunately, the industry is also a place where fraudsters can take advantage of unsuspecting individuals. With a little knowledge, you can avoid these scams and protect yourself from falling for their fraud.

The following resources may assist you in avoiding getting caught up in a rental scam:

Watch out for rental listing scams

Renters insurance will protect your valuables

What to watch out for in Craig’s list postings

Heading Off To College Tasks

1. Managing your own money
2. Finding a place to live
3. Setting up your own banking account
4. Getting your first job
5. Using credit wisely while in school

Finding a place to live Subtasks

1. Keys to successful dorm living
2. Tips for finding a place to rent
3. Your rights as a tenant
4. Avoid rental scams


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