Getting Out on Your Own

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Getting Out on Your Own
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Finally, you are or you are about to be out on your own in your “own” place. You get to make the rules, decorate according to your own style, clean up as often or rarely as you want, and live your own life.

With this freedom comes the need to manage your financial life, too. You don’t want to waste money or miss out on chances to build a nice life for yourself.

A number of tasks can help you go through the transition from living with your parents to living on your own. These include:

  1. Finding housing. “Where and how do I want to live?”
  2. Building credit access and usage. “How can I establish and maintain a good credit reputation?”
  3. Reaching financial goals. “How can my finances help me achieve my dreams?”
  4. Setting up a spending plan. “How can I manage my money day-to-day?”
  5. Getting properly insured. “How do I protect myself from illness and accidents?”

Getting Out on Your Own Tasks

1. Finding housing
2. Building credit access and usage
3. Reaching financial goals
4. Setting up a spending plan
5. Getting properly insured


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