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Medicare consists of Part A, Part B, Part C and Part D. Part A is for Hospital Insurance, Part B is for Medical Insurance and Part D is the Prescription drug plan.

Part C is referred to as the Medicare Advantage plan and provides similar coverage as Medicare. These plans are required to offer coverage that meets or exceeds the standards set by the Medicare plans. The coverage is provided through private insurers.

For most, the government pays the Part A premium and deducts the Part B and Part D premiums from you Social Security payments.

The following resources may assist you in understanding how to enroll in Medicare:

Decide How to Get Medicare

Medicare Enrollment Deadlines

Enrolling in Medicare for Those Who Work Past Age 65

Medicare’s Annual Open Enrollment Period

Medicare Enrollment On-line Application

When to Apply for Medicare

Entering Retirement Tasks

1. Selecting your retirement lifestyle
2. Estimating your monthly retirement income
3. Setting up your spending plan
4. Enrolling in Social Security and Medicare
5. Managing taxes during retirement

Enrolling in Social Security and Medicare Subtasks

1. Decide when to take Social Security
2. Manage spousal Social Security benefits
3. Enroll in Medicare
4. Consider Medicare supplemental (Medigap) policy


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