Consolidate your IRA and 401(k) – type plans

Life’s Financial Journeys

Heading Off to College
Getting Out on Your Own
Blending Two Lives
Having a Child
Emptying the Nest
Entering Retirement
Death of a Life Partner
Military Life

Many people approaching retirement find that they have several retirement accounts. They may have worked for several employers and thus have one or more 401(k)-type accounts. They may also have set up individual retirement accounts (IRAs) during their working years. It is sometimes convenient to combine these accounts into one rollover IRA or into just a few accounts.

The following resources may assist you in consolidating your IRA and 401(k)-type plans:

Should You Rollover Your Employer Plan to an IRA?

Converting a Traditional IRA to a Roth-IRA

Taking Charge of Your-Retirement Portfolio

IRS Rules for “Rollovers”

Should You Buy an Annuity with a Portion of Your Retirement Nest-egg?

Avoiding Penalties on IRA Rollovers

Entering Retirement Tasks

1. Selecting your retirement lifestyle
2. Estimating your monthly retirement income
3. Setting up your spending plan
4. Enrolling in Social Security and Medicare
5. Managing taxes during retirement

Estimating your monthly retirement income Subtasks

1. Set a withdrawal rate from your retirement investment accounts
2. Estimate your Social Security and other income
3. Consolidate your IRA and 401(k) – type plans


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