Entering Retirement

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Entering Retirement
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Retirement means different things to different people; peace, tranquility, family, relationships, hobbies, and travel often come to mind. But many people look forward to retirement with fear, uncertainty and frustration.

Decisions you make today can assure that your retirement does not have unpleasant financial surprises.

A number of tasks can help you go through the transition from work life to retirement. These include:

  1. Selecting your retirement lifestyle. “What do you want to do with your time?”
  2. Estimating your monthly retirement income. “How to make the money last?”
  3. Setting up your spending plan. “How much can you spend?”
  4. Enrolling in Social Security and Medicare. “How to obtain your benefits?”
  5. Managing taxes. “What are the tax implications of being retired?”

Entering Retirement Tasks

1. Selecting your retirement lifestyle
2. Estimating your monthly retirement income
3. Setting up your spending plan
4. Enrolling in Social Security and Medicare
5. Managing taxes during retirement


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