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Life insurance is purchased primarily to provide income for one’s survivors. After divorce, your financial obligations to an ex-spouse will have changed but not necessarily disappeared. If children are involved they too will need continued financial support. The bottom line is that life insurance may still be needed but the amounts and who is to be the beneficiary will have changed.

The following resources may assist you in understanding life insurance after divorce:

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Divorce Tasks

1. Dividing assets and debts
2. Revising your spending plan
3. Managing your health care plan
4. Managing continuing financial arrangements with an ex-spouse
5. Protecting your loved ones financially if you were to die

Protecting your loved ones financially if you were to die Subtasks

1. Life insurance after divorce
2. Update beneficiary designations on insurance, retirement plans, and other accounts
3. Write a new will
4. Designate who will make health care and financial decisions for you should you not be able to do so for yourself


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