Check into maintaining your previous health care plan

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Many married couples are on the same health care plan; usually through one of the spouse’s employer-based plan. After divorce, you usually or no longer considered a family member and, therefore, ineligible for the plan. You may, however, be able to maintain coverage at your own expense for up to 36 months by using your COBRA rights.

The following resources may assist you in maintaining your health care plan:

Health Insurance and Divorce

COBRA Health Coverage and Divorce FAQs

Maintaining Your Health Insurance After Divorce

How Divorce Affects Your Health Insurance

Health Insurance and Divorce; What Are Your Options?

Divorce Tasks

1. Dividing assets and debts
2. Revising your spending plan
3. Managing your health care plan
4. Managing continuing financial arrangements with an ex-spouse
5. Protecting your loved ones financially if you were to die

Managing your health care plan Subtasks

1. Check into maintaining your previous health care plan
2. If necessary, obtain a new health care plan
3. Add or revise coverage for disability income replacement or long-term care


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