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Often in a divorce decree one or the other of the ex-spouses is made responsible for the joint credit accounts of the couple.

In reality, however, the decree does not affect who is responsible for the debt in the eyes of the lender. If the person named in the decree fails to pay the debt in a timely fashion, the lender can legally seek repayment from the other account holder.

The following resources may assist you in dealing with joint credit accounts:

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Divorce Tasks

1. Dividing assets and debts
2. Revising your spending plan
3. Managing your health care plan
4. Managing continuing financial arrangements with an ex-spouse
5. Protecting your loved ones financially if you were to die

Dividing assets and debts Subtasks

1. Deal with joint credit accounts
2. Revise ownership of bank accounts
3. Revise ownership of personal property and real estate


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