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Medicare is a federal health insurance program to help pay medical costs incurred by individuals age 65 and older, individuals with certain disabilities, and individuals with end-stage renal disease.

There are four parts to the Medicare program:

  1. Part A Hospital Insurance
  2. Part B Medical Insurance
  3. Part C Private Medical Insurance
  4. Part D Prescription Drugs

The following resources may assist you in assessing your Medicare status:

Decide How To Get Medicare

Medicare and Long-term Care

Medicare’s Annual Open Enrollment Period

What Is Medicare Supplement Insurance?

How Medicare Works With Other Insurance

How To Compare Medicare Supplemental Policies

Death of a Life Partner Tasks

1. Taking stock of your financial situation
2. Identifying your sources of income
3. Revising your spending plan
4. Revising your estate plan and advance directives
5. Examining Medicare, Medicaid, and long-term care issues

Examining Medicare, Medicaid, and long-term care issues Subtasks

1. Assessing your Medicare status
2. Determining the role that Medicaid may play in your health care planning
3. Addressing long-term care issues


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