Develop a spending plan

Life’s Financial Journeys

Heading Off to College
Getting Out on Your Own
Blending Two Lives
Having a Child
Emptying the Nest
Entering Retirement
Death of a Life Partner
Military Life

Based on what you learned as you kept track of your spending and income you can develop a spending plan for future months. Your income and spending amounts must balance so that you are living within your means and saving enough money to cover unexpected expenses and to reach your top priority goals.

The following resources may assist you in developing a spending plan:

Talking About Money

Setting Financial Goals

Deciding Where to Spend Your Money

Creating a Spending Plan

Blending Two Lives Tasks

1. Creating a joint spending plan
2. Building shared credit access and usage
3. Managing dual careers
4. Protecting your income with life insurance
5. Estate planning

Creating a joint spending plan Subtasks:

1. Determine what you own separately and together
2. Determine what you owe and your joint net worth
3. Determine your income and expenses
4. Develop a spending plan
5. Decide how you will manage your day-to-day finances


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