Blending Two Lives

Life’s Financial Journeys

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Blending Two Lives
Having a Child
Emptying the Nest
Entering Retirement
Death of a Life Partner
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This is an exciting time in your life, whether you are getting married for the first time, are joining families with children from both partners, or are sharing your life with a loving companion in your later years.

Many of the issues to consider are the same, regardless of age.  Some issues are unique to couples melding their lives for a second or third time.  Regardless of your age or circumstances, melding two lives financially requires open communication and recognition of one’s values regarding money.

A number of tasks can help you go through the transition from living alone to sharing your life with another.  These include:

  1. Creating a joint spending plan.  “How will you handle your money as a couple?”
  2. Building shared credit access and usage.  “How should you handle present and future debts?”
  3. Managing dual careers.  “What is the role of work in our lives?”
  4. Protecting your income with life insurance.  “How can I protect my spouse financially if I were to die?”
  5. Estate planning.  “What planning documents will you need in case one of us dies?”

Blending Two Lives Tasks

1. Creating a joint spending plan
2. Building shared credit access and usage
3. Managing dual careers
4. Protecting your income with life insurance
5. Estate planning


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