“Changing Lives Through Pro-bono Financial Advice.”

    The NAPFA Consumer Education Foundation (NCEF) empowers consumers to achieve positive financial outcomes by supporting fee-only financial advisors in providing objective financial guidance on a probono basis. 

    NAPFA members’ commitment to Fee-Only services reveals a desire to act in the best interest of others.  Similarly, on a pro-bono basis NAPFA members support the underserved populations who need financial advice, but can’t afford it. 

    Please consider making a meaningful impact by supporting NCEF today. All contributions are tax-deductible and support the operations and programming of the organization.   We utilize these funds to make a life-changing difference for those with limited resources seeking a more secure future.

By making a monetary contribution to support NCEF you:

  • Take enterprising action on a cause whose urgency you experience every day

  • Ensure that NAPFA’s client-focused, fee-only values are strongly represented in the industry’s consumer outreach efforts

  • Support current NCEF pro-bono programmatic opportunities

  • Develop future national pro-bono opportunities for affinities you have served locally including the elderly, terminally ill, veterans, school children, women and those in poverty. 




Thank you to our generous NCEF donors in the past year*…

Lewis and Karen Altfest
Mitchell Anderson
Scott K. Anderson Jr.
Lisa Archer
Baron Financial Group
Thomas W Batterman
Elaine Bedel
Marjorie Bennett
Milo Benningfield
Berkeley, Inc.
Scott T. Blaesing
C. E. Scott Brewster
Susan Brown
Rene Bruer
Todd Brundage
Budros, Ruhlin & Roe, Inc.
Marjorie A Burnett
Scott Buttfield
Cabaniss Family Gift Fund
Scarlott L. Cagle
James Cantrell
Charles Capasso
Capital Financial Services, LLC
Brian Carlton
Charleston Financial Advisors, LLC
Lynn Chen-Zhang
Scott Andy Claybrook
Charles Clifton
NAPFA CT Study Group in Tribute of Martha Kapouch
Patricia Conway
Jennifer Cray
Helga Cuthbert
James Davis
John S. Davis
Jeff De Valdivia
Diahann W. Lassus Trust
Holly Donaldson In Honor of Marge Schiller
William Edwards
John Ellison
Rick Epple
David Fernandez
Karen and Michael Folk
David A. Foster
Foundation for Financial Planning
Johanna Fox Turner
Jim Freeman
Edward Fulbright
Michael Garry
Gary D Ewing & Sophit Lee Family Fund
Gasber Financial Advisors, Inc.
Laurie Girsky
Kevin Gormley
Therese Govern
Ken Gross
Jalene Thompson Hahn
Jennifer Harper
Hawkes Wealth Management Inc.
Mark Helm
David Hofstad
Martin L. Hopkins
William M. Howell
Dirk J Huybrechts
Integrated Financial Planning
Stephen Johnson
Audrey Jones
Carrie Jones
Alfred Jones Financial Consulting, LLC
Rick Kahler
Eve Kaplan
Barry Katz
Jean Keener
William H. Keffer
Phyllis Keller
Andrew Kerns
Kendall King
James Kinney
Brenda Knox
Kulig Family Charitable Fund
Frederic T Kutscher
Jennifer Lane
Tracy Lasecke
James Lee
Scott A. Leonard
Lauren Locker
John Henry Low
Therese Martin
Wan McCormick
McGovern Financial Advisors, LLC
Scott McLeod
Peter Melsness
Susan Miller
James Milne
Moser Wealth Advisors, LLC
Michelle Neiswender
Jeffrey Nielson
Otto & Associates
Michael Pace
Jim Pearman in Honor of Michael Joyce and Jamie Milne
Valerie Peck
Kimerly Polak-Guerrero
Michael and Pam Poldiak
Stephen Poplaski
Portland Financial Planning Group
J. David Principe
Timothy Quinn
John Rathnam
Kevin M. Reardon
Reason Financial Advisors, Inc.
Red Lighthouse Investment Mgmt
Jim Reding
Robert Reed
Mark Rekow
Christopher Revak
Benjamin Rickey
Safe Harbor Financial Planning
Julie A. Schatz
Russ and Vicki Schultz
Rob Schulz
Perry Seiffert
Eileen Sharkey
John Shea
Roberta Jean Smith
Melvin Spain
Stonegate Wealth Management, LLC
TD Ameritrade Services Comp.
Joseph Team
Steven Thalheimer
Rebecca Thompson In Honor of Shelby Kay-Fantozzi
Traphagen Financial Group
Michael Tringali
Ronald Van Surksum
Evor Vattuone
Erin Vickery
Wealth Management, Inc.
John R. Wenzel
Clare E. Wherley
James J. Williams
Donna Wood
Steven Zimmerman

  • Giving was during the fiscal year of September 1, 2019 – August 31, 2020.




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