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NCEF Homes for Heroes!

The NAPFA Consumer Education Foundation (NCEF) has committed to a National Partnership with Building Homes for Heroes, a non-profit that provides customized, mortgage-free homes for disabled veterans. Our role in this partnership is to connect the program’s veteran clients with extraordinary fee-only advisors.

Building Homes for Heroes addresses the greatest challenge many injured veterans and their families experience after a long hospital recovery: returning to their homes. Catastrophic injuries, such as amputations that require wheelchair assistance or prosthetic devices, make mobility in standard homes difficult or impossible.

Veterans receive homes that are customized to their specific needs. You can read about a recipient of a Building Homes for Heroes home, Army Staff Sergeant Aaron Hale, by clicking HERE.

Veterans: If you are interested in applying for this program please visit the Building Homes for Heroes website at

NAPFA Advisors: Please consider donating your time and expertise to help these disabled veterans plan their future. We are honored to support this important cause and look forward to the many stories of success that are sure to come with your help.

Please contact Jennifer Shimp, Foundation Program Officer at or 847-483-5400 ext. 106 for more information or to volunteer.

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