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Managing Life’s Financial Journey


Life gets interesting at the transitions, and that’s when financial knowledge is vital.  Every great marker of our life is an opportunity for financial stress: starting a career after college, getting married, becoming a parent, sending those children off to college, retirement, losing a spouse.  It’s at these anxious times that people seek out financial information, so we designed a financial education program on the framework of real life, capitalizing on the need rather than the information.


The NAPFA Consumer Education Foundation’s (NCEF) Managing Life’s Financial Journey focuses on life’s transitions rather than on the academic financial topics (like “how to make a budget”).  Each individual “Journey” under the Consumer Help tab above provides consumers tools they can use to find just-in-time answers to real life financial questions.


Content selected for inclusion in the Journey is chosen by the NCEF and members of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA), as best-in-class information, and is constantly being reviewed, refreshed and enhanced to remain current and relevant to consumers.

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